Bad Things Happen: A Malifaux Podcast - Episode 18

August 31, 2017

Welcome to 'Bad Things Happen: A Malifaux Podcast'.  We are a competitively-minded wargaming show, centered in the Pacific Northwest.  Hosts Matt, Nathan, and Sam will broadcast every other week to talk about the latest in the competitive Malifaux scene.

In Episode 18, it's just Matt and Sam, as Nate is busy visiting family in Vermont.  We discuss the 2017 Summer Errata, then dive into a preview of the 2018 Gaining Grounds Packet which, frankly, may have already changed by the time you read this.  We strive to capture a moment, a brief flash in the darkness, before it is lost in time like tears in the rain.  And hey, we can at least analyze intent and trends, so the final product may not look a whole lot different.  Hope you enjoy it!


Tournament information:

Attack X, Kamloops BC. September 15-17,

GG18 Preview Tournament, Tacoma WA, Terracrux Games

Live Free or Die Cheating, Stark Brewery Oct 7-8 Manchester NH,

CaptainCon, February 2-4 in Warwick RI Crowne plaza,


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